Chris Radford

Hi! I’m Chris, a Development Lead at Simply Business, an alum of four prior startups, and an MBA student with the Open University.

Over the past decade I’ve developed payment systems on every continent, except Antarctica, for companies from pre-seed to Fortune 500s. I’ve built iPhone applications for health insurance companies, marketing sites for food producers, and ecommerce applications handling millions in sales per year.

At Simply Business, the largest insurance broker in the UK, I lead a team of software engineers developing our payments infrastructure, processing millions of pounds of insurance payments each year.

Outside of work—I volunteer with RailsGirls, an organisation dedicated to improving the diversity in Software Engineering, and last year gave a talk at the London Ruby Users Group, “A month of I18n in 10 minutes”, covering some of the things I’d learnt whilst spending a month translating an e-commerce site into Chinese.