Chris Radford

About Me

Alum of four prior startups, and recent MBA graduate from the Open University. I currently work at Simply Business as an Engineering Lead in our Global Platform teams, where I'm looking after our US payment integration.

In previous roles I’ve developed payment systems on every continent, except Antarctica, for companies from pre-seed to Fortune 500s, and mobile applciations for clients from health insurance companies, to consumer SaaS products, leading teams on both the client code and backend service side of the projects.

Engineering Lead — Simply Business

At Simply Business, the UK’s largest insurance broker and part of the Travelers Group, I lead a team of software engineers working on our global software platform.

I joined Simply Business at the start of Q2 2017 and have spent time working on projects with Finance, Compliance/Legal, and Insurance product teams.

I'm currently responsible for a small team of software engineers focusing on porting our UK software platform to the US, whilst also contributing to other company-wide projects, including our ongoing work on payments infrastructure, and the containerisation of our hosting environment.

I also line manage three engineers, as well as being involved our hiring process, and supporting a few department wide initiatives to bring our Engineering teams together to share issues and ideas.

Come work with me, we're hiring at all levels, and have more roles coming soon.

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