Chris Radford

Hi. My name's Chris.

I've spent the last five years working as a software engineer for hire, or freelancer, building projects ranging from single page websites, to software for borrowing a doggy (it's a very cool site).

Along the way I discovered that the hardest sections of the applications often involved APIs or Payment Integrations, and that those were also the most interesting, so in order to work on more and more interesting projects, I started specialising in API and Payment Integrations.

I primarily work with the Ruby on Rails framework, and you can find my availability for the next few months further down the page. If you have a project you'd like to talk about, send me an email.

There are countless different payment proccessors but a few of my favourites to integrate into client projects have been:


Probably the fastest growing payment provider in the world, I've been working on Stripe integrations since they were in beta. They're by far the best payments provider I've found and always my top recommendation.

Stripe →


The first company to offer Direct Debit in a truly consumer friendly way, GoCardless combine world class support with a first rate payment system, if you're a UK company, working with these guys is a must.

GoCardless →


The most well known payment processor PayPal is often the fastest way to start taking payments online, although as a general rule for any serious level of payment processing there are cheaper and more reliable options.

PayPal →

As well as these payment providers I've also used six different ecommerce platforms and integrated with a couple of more traditional payment processors for those with physical payment terminals or merchant banking accounts.

Trying to choose a payment provider? I'd be happy to consult.

Send me an email: [email protected]

If payments make up half of the most interesting project work, the other half falls squarely under the heading APIs.

An API often provides a crucial part of an mobile app's functionality, allows for integrations with larger companies, or simply makes it possible for customers to link their own software to yours.

Here are a couple of the clients that I've done some extensive API work with recently:


Working with Eventbrite's own API to create various applications for their customers, the Eventbrite API includes data on Events, Tickets, Venues, and Organizers, you can find the ruby gem written for these projects on Github.

"An outstanding job. The project turned out great!"
— Mitch Colleran, Eventbrite

Giving Families

Building against the Shopify API, Giving Families provides a platform for families to give together. The backend system manages much of the account data whilst Shopify provides the front-end shop and payment processing.

"You've been such a pleasure to work with, I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know needing assistance!"
— Beth Nowark, Giving Families

Eight90 Designs

Eight90's most recent project involved an iOS app integrating with an as-yet undeveloped API, giving the opportunity to both work on iOS and design a new API from scratch.

"Genius. And I'll stand by that."
— Christian Ross, Eight90 Designs


My day rate for development is $1000 with a minimum contract of two days.

If you're based in the EU, all prices and quotes are ex. VAT.

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