Hi! I‘m Chris. I work as a payments software engineer at Lost My Name, am an alum of three prior startups, and an MBA student with the Open University.

Over the past decade I've worked on payment systems on every continent except antarctica, for companies from new startups to Fortune 500s. I‘ve built iPhone applications for health insurance companies, marketing sites for food producers, and ecommerce applications handling millions in sales per year.

I have my Professional Scrum Master I qualification, and am working towards my PMI-ACP, a broader agile project management qualification. I currently fill the role of scrum master for the Core team at Lost My Name, where we implement a variation on scrum with elements liberally borrowed from the idea of DRIs, as pioneered by Apple.

In October 2016

In October I gave a talk at the London Ruby Users Group, “A month of I18n in 10 minutes”, in which I detail a few of my experiences translating the Lost My Name site into Chinese. SkillsMatter recorded the talk and have published it online.

In May 2016

I joined Lost My Name as part of the Core team, developing payment integrations with Stripe, Braintree, Adyen, and Amazon Payments. We are responsible for the systems at the heart of the business, processing orders, payments, and shipping information, whilst achieiving a somewhat respectable four nines of uptime.

Prior to Lost My Name

I worked at BorrowMyDoggy, developing their API and iPhone app, including an integration with Apple's IAP payment system, and an in-app registration and subscription flow.

Prior to that I worked for a number of development agencies and startups, across the Ruby, iPhone, WordPress, PHP, CRM, and ecommerce spaces, developing sites for companies such as Eventbrite, AMEX, and Medallia.

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